Preparing Your Home for Sale – First Impressions


Make your front door inviting. 

  • A fresh coat of paint can make your door stand out. 
  • If your welcome mat has worn out its welcome, now is the time to replace it in over to invite buyers into your home.
  • Replace faded house numbers so that they can be clearly seen from the street.

Well maintained landscaping will help create a good first impression.

  • Keep lawn weeded and mowed.
  • Prune bushes and add some fresh mulch if you include that in your garden.
  • Plant flowers and remove any weeds from the garden.
  • Tidy up any garden hoses or maintenance items.

A well-maintained exterior.

  • Present a clean and well-maintained exterior of your home by checking siding and window frames for any required painting and maintenance.
  • Have the gutters cleaned and the windows washed.
  • Make sure any fences and gates are in good repair.
  • Store bicycles, pool toys, sports equipment away neatly in the garage, shed or storage area.


  • Remove clutter such as knickknacks and extra furniture so that your home seems as airy and large as possible. Buyers should be able to easily flow from one room to another.
  • Depersonalize your home as much as possible so that potential buyers can envision their belongings in the home.
  • Organize your closets and drawers. Remove out-of-season and extra clothing as much as possible so emphasize available space.
  • Neutral paint colours on the walls will help potential buyers feel that they could move into your home without having to make a lot of changes in the short-term.  Expand your range of potential buyers by choosing neutral wall colours that will photograph well and appeal to the broadest amount of buyers. 


  • Clean the light fixtures, any shutters and blinds, curtains, ceiling fans, carpets, floors, etc.
  •  If it’s a rainy time of year, check to see if you need to run a dehumidifier to keep the air smelling sweet.
  • Discretely hide the kitty litter box, and spray air freshener or odor neutralizer around your home.
  • Add some fresh flowers or a bowl of lemons as a treat for both the eyes and the nose.
  •  We love our pets, but some buyers can be intimidated by dogs, so discuss with your sales representative how to handle viewings if your pets have to be at home.


  • Invest in a new comforter and pillow cases/shams for the master bedroom, and other key bedrooms so that the rooms look up-to-date.
  • Display your best towels in the bathrooms.
  • Remove toasters, most canisters, and small appliances from your kitchen counters, but if you own a nice coffee machine, now is its time to shine on your countertop.
  • If your kitchen or bathroom is outdated, consider replacing the hardware on the cabinets or updating the faucets.
  • Store excess furniture, games, dishes, glasses, etc.
  • Take some photos of your home to see what jumps out in the photos, so that you make any adjustments regarding furniture and accessories placement in order to maximize your home’s appeal.